Grooming The Maine Coon

There is never really any discussion concerning the proper grooming of a Maine Coon’s thick, heavy fur. This includes the unsightly feces that sticks to the back side of the cat.
Their long bushy tails have made them famous, as they fly through the air showing off. Their tail is rumoured to be as long, if not longer, than the rest of their body. The expression “tail with the cat attached to it” refers to this unbalanced proportion. Some believe the bushy tail is the result of breeding this cat species with the raccoon, but this is not a possibility. It is just that the Maine Coon got its name from the way it was indentified, by its tail, being referred to as a cat much later on.
To groom a Maine Coon doesn’t involve a frequent series of battles, because mostly these cats can take care of their own grooming needs. However, if you have a desire to bring your Maine Coon to a cat show, then you will need to handle things appropriately, starting with given your reluctant cat a bath. This article will focus primarily on maintaining your Maine Coon’s luxurious coat on a regular basis.
To handle the regular routine of caring for your Maine Coon cat’s coat, you can plan on two times a week for this task. To accomplish this, you will want to have a comb to get rid of the matted fur, as well as a rake to groom the fur. Along with these, a set of clippers, flea comb, metal comb, cotton balls, seam ripper and white vinegar and baking soda will be needed. You will also want to use a hair dryer afterward, but keep the heat on low.
Take the metal comb and untangle any knots. Use a gentle, combing action when doing this, begin at the edge of the tangled fur as opposed to near the base. Grab hold of any tangled fur at the base, then you won’t have to worry about pulling at the cat’s skin while working the knots out of the fur. If the metal comb isn’t enough to eliminate this tangle of fur, then the seam ripper will have to come to the comb’s rescue, pulling apart the mess so that it can be combed clear of knots.
When this is completed, the rake will be used to clear away any of the coat that is dead and loose. You will be surprised at how much fur you will rake free of your Maine Coon cat’s body. Take it all out to prevent the build up of more knots and tangles. As you get to the tail, as well as when you are working through the belly, be careful, as these areas are highly sensitive to these cats.

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